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What is the difference? We specialize in putting together the best components for complete solar systems and offer them at sensational prices. Our focus is on putting together matching, individual packages consisting of the highest quality panels, inverters and storage units - all from one source, all in one package.
"It's insane how much I save in electricity costs with this."
Long warranty
High efficiency

Light. Efficient. Durable.

Maximum efficiency
High linear power guarantee
reduce your CO2 footprint
High electricity price savings

Attach, plug in, save.

It has never been so easy to reduce electricity costs and save massively on expenses, all the way to complete independence.

High-tech for any balcony.

Smart 800W balcony power plant

Our highly efficient balcony power plant consists of ultra-light flexible panels based on the latest monocrystalline shingles, which are extremely light and therefore much safer and easier to install almost anywhere. No comparison to usually 20-25 kg heavy glass panels.

- Shingled high-tech cells
- 2.5kg light, 2mm thin, bendable & flexible
- Extremely easy to install

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Hybrid inverter

Safe, efficient, affordable.

High quality 12kW exctra class hybrid inverter for your solar power systems. Produce, feed in, store, consume electricity. Smart, cost-efficient and sustainably self-sufficient.

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Save electricity costs and CO².

Your own electricity storage.

LiFePo4 battery storage systems are probably the best choice to store self-produced solar power at home for a long time, safely, cost-effectively and sustainably, and to retrieve it at any time. 5-15kWh stackable, modular expandable.

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Unbeatable advantages

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Solarclip offers the best the solar market has to offer - all from one source, from Germany.

  • Flexible Ultralight Balcony Power Plants
  • High-Class LiFePo4 Battery Storage
  • Complete sets roof solar systems
  • Hybrid inverter for your solar systems
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