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On this page we provide you with all downloads for the installation and instructions for each solar system. In addition, we inform you about important tips & tricks to increase efficiency, as well as sample calculations, savings potential and other great products such as storage batteries & more.

Balcony power plants

Mounting instructions

Quick guide
Quick Install Guide

T-SUN M800(en)

T-SUN Micro Inverter M800(en) for our solar power plants


10 kWh and 5kWh LiFePO4 Premium Powerwall Battery

LiFePo4 HV Solar Storage

BSM48106HP LiFePo4 battery memory modules, modular, stackable.

Data sheet
CE certificates
Test Reports

DEYE SUN-12 Inverter

12kW hybrid inverter, 3-phase

Data sheet
EN 50549-1
Plant protection

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Questions & Answers

What is a balcony solar power plant and how does it work?

A balcony solar power plant is a mobile solar power system designed specifically for use on balconies, house walls and other smaller surfaces. It uses solar cells to convert sunlight into electrical energy, which can then either be consumed directly or stored in batteries. Our balcony solar power plants are particularly efficient and lightweight, making them perfect for households that want to meet their electricity needs through solar energy.

What is a hybrid inverter and what is it used for?

A hybrid inverter is a type of inverter that is used for both self-consumption and for feeding into the public grid, or your battery storage.

Can I install the balcony power plant myself?

If you buy a mini solar power system with a Schuko plug, you can easily install it yourself. However, if you buy a system with a Wieland plug, you should not install it yourself until an electrician has already installed a suitable Wieland socket at your home.

What is LiFePo4 battery storage and what is it used for?

A LiFePo4 battery storage is a type of battery specifically designed for use in conjunction with solar energy. It is used to store self-produced electricity and then use it when needed. LiFePo4 battery storage is particularly durable and can help optimize household energy consumption.

Can I use my normal socket for the balcony power plant?

It is permitted to plug a Schuko plug into an existing socket to operate a mini solar energy system. The German Society for Solar Energy and the consumer centers in Germany say that this is fine if used correctly and is already done this way by over 200,000 people in Germany. However, the Association of Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies recommends using a so-called Wieland socket when operating a mini solar energy system, as is also recommended by some grid operators.

How much money can I save with a balcony installation?

The prices of mini solar energy systems depend on the number of modules and the type of mounting. In general, the cost of such systems, which are ready for immediate use, is much lower than that of large photovoltaic systems that you may know from some house roofs. With a mini solar energy system you can save up to 200 euros every year, which means that the system will pay for itself within a few years.

Ultralight power plant

Why is your power plant so light?

The immense advantage of our solar power plants lies in the special production of the highest quality, weatherproof panels without glass: flexible, thin, light.

  • Flexible & only 2.5kg per panel
  • Highly efficient and only 2mm thin

More about our power plants here.

Balcony power station inverter

The Premium Micro Inverter

  • Individual optimization, separate dedicated MPPT for each panel.
  • Maximum efficiency up to 96.7%.
  • Plug-and-play installation.
  • Multi-channel MPPT for complex installation environments.
  • Maximum DC voltage 60V.
  • Integrated LoM protection function.
  • Die casting design and adhesive filling technology
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